Tuesday, 19 February 2013

The Wenger Debate...again

Following yet another cup debacle, this time at home to Blackburn in the FA Cup, it is becoming hard for all us blogger types to really pinpoint new reasons as to why Arsenal continue to disappoint in this fashion. I said to myself that the draw was near perfect after it was made- an unspectacular tie, unlikely to draw much media attention; we weren't playing a club many divisions below us, so the media would not be waiting to pounce on the next 'giant killing'; we were at home, requiring a trip up north to Ewood Park and we had put in a good display against Sunderland a week before- the stage was set for us NOT to crash to another, supposedly inferior opponent. But alas, many missed chances, scuffed shots, desperate scurries and agonising minutes later, that was exactly what The Arsenal had gone and done again.

The following morning, the rather pre-meditated Wenger-shaped cyclone of debate swept across the media, and no-one could escape it's vast expanses. What can easily be gleaned from this is that Le Prof is under a lot pressure, as has been the case for the last couple of seasons, if not from employers in the boardroom, certainly from the eager English press, who are beginning to sense the potential end of an era at The Arsenal. And this pressure should exist, there is no question that Arsenal are under performing for a club of their size and stature- a club who promised their fans great success since their move to grand new 60,000-seater stadium, success that has yet to materialise. If some form of pressure is not existent from the boardroom, you have to question the board's desire for sporting success at Arsenal. They may well still deem that Wenger is still the right man to lead Arsenal forward, and may well be right with that assertion, nut if questions are not being asked and changes of some form are not being made, I think all Gooners should be concerned.

In regards to personal opinion on Wenger's predicament, I do think, and partly hope, that the end of his tenure at Arsenal is nigh. Looking at Arsene's body language, downbeat press conferences, broken promises and general struggles over the last two seasons in particular, I believe that it would be best for both him and the club if they were to part ways in the near future. He has been a great servant to Arsenal Football club and quite possibly our most inspirational, innovative and successful manager, who has undoubtedly changed the face of English football, but like all goods things, Arsene's time at Arsenal can't last forever, and at some point, his performance in his role was destined to dip. Arsene could still go on to be hugely successful elsewhere, at Real Madrid or Paris-Saint Germain perhaps, but in regard to Arsenal, I think his time is almost done.

We just need a change. A freshening up, dusting down, and a new lease of life. The board should heed the warning signs and see that Arsene's days are numbered, and see that they would be wise to start preparing for his departure sooner rather than later, as coping with it will not be an easy task. Whoever the new man may be, the board must back him to the hilt and ensure that they are supported by the board in ever sense- through financial backing, support in the press and a helping hand when needed, as I am not sure that this help has been there for Arsene in recent times. As for who Arsene's successor should be, I'll leave that to another day, but I just hope that this board- however much I loathe them- has the guts and the brawn to make the tough decisions, and see that ultimately Arsenal FC is stronger club for them.


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